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Managing Form Responses

Managing Form Responses

Responses to forms may be accessed via Easysite manager

Manage Responses  

To view responses to forms go to Easysite Manager -> Modules -> Forms.

1. Select the appropriate form. The following  view will be presented:

Forms module manage forms screenshot

2. Select Manage Responses. The following view will be presented:


2. It is recommended that personal data is not stored online. The Export Records option should therefore be used to export Form data. This data should then be deleted from Easysite. Note that any attachments should also be purged from Easysite.

View Reports

To view reports on form submissions, click View Reports.The following view will be presented:


date selection

Enter an appropriate date options

Select Report

Select an appropriate option.

Note: Custom Reports generates a report for each element on the form that has fixed values. I.E. Dropdown list, Radio buttons or Checkboxes.

2. Click Load Report. EasySite will generate a graph displaying the number of submissions for each element for the time period selected.

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