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P3 — Response Within 16 business hours

P3 — Response Within 16 business hours

Event: Website working with Site/Page Issues.
    • Loss of permissions/privileges on specific pages

    • Loss of non-critical data/sections

    • Page not editable, publishable

    • Domain requests (i.e. micro-sites that require new domains)

    • Performance deterioration

    • Email Notifications not working

    • Page element rendering incorrectly (e.g. links/content not available)

    • Exports when functionality has been lost i.e. when not relating to the import of ‘bad’ data

These examples are not intended to be definitive, however are indicative of the classes of event that that will result in the Service Desk providing a request with a particular response category.

Provisions and Exceptions

Where an issue can be resolved by an update, responsibility for the upgrade process will be determined by the type of platform your Easysite installation is hosted within:

  1. EIBS hosted – the Easysite Support Team will schedule and perform all staging to live updates on behalf of the customer.
  2. Non-EIBS hosted – the Easysite Support Team will provide information and downloads to allow the updates to be completed by the customer (or their ISP). No other resources will be available without the relevant services contract.

Please speak with your Account Manager or refer to your EIBS Easysite Terms and Conditions and additional Hosting SLA for further information on the levels of service that apply to EIBS hosted and Non-EIBS Hosted customers.

Reporting Incidents

All customer requests must be reported by nominated customer service desk personnel2 via the Service Desk web-based reporting tool or, in the event that service is not available, our Web Form.

Note: that before phoning the Easysite Service Desk to raise an issue, please confirm that you have the Service Request/Incident reference number available to allow the Easysite Service Desk to provide further information or escalate accordingly.  

The team are available from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Thursday and Friday 9:00 to 16:30 UK time excluding public holidays.

2 Up to 5 staff members can be nominated by the customer for Easysite Community, 3 for Easysite Enterprise and 1 for Easysite Lite. 

Note: that the Easysite Service Desk may ask you to confirm that you are a known Easysite nominated customer contact before any technical communication can commence.

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Last updated:12 September 2013

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