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Check out all the latest news relating to EIBS and the Easysite Resource Centre...

Resource Centre News

  • Universal Analytics supportedEasysite now supports Universal Analytics -the latest version of Google Analytics, offering more granularity in data collection and interpretation.
  • 7.1.0This Service Pack page details all New Features of the new release, together with Known and Resolved Known Issues.
  • Forum module to allow choice of button positioningAdded ability for forum control buttons to be positioned above or below the fourm using the element configuration interface.
  • 6.5.16This Service Pack page details all New Features of the new release, together with Known and Resolved Known Issues.
  • Geo Postcode LookupGeo Postcode Lookup allows a user to search for their location. This location is then geo coded and persists for the session. The element may be used with Geo Containers to serve location specific content to end users.
  • Geo ContainersGeo Containers allow for location specific content to be served to an end user, based on that user's geographic location.
  • Page Owner may be allocated to a pageFrom Easysite 7.1 a Page Owner may be associated with a page via the Tags function.
  • Title tag populated on a per page basisFrom Easysite 7.1 authors may add a page specific Title Tag via the Tags function.
  • User conference 2014This is a great opportunity to learn all about the latest in industry news and product developments. You will get to know Ideagen, and find out what the acquisition of EIBS has meant for you and the future roadmap of Easysite. What is more, this year we will have an industry leading Keynote speaker to share valuable insight, details of this are coming soon!
  • Forms and Directories: Multi-Tier Drop Down BoxForm and Directory Builder Modules can make use of Multi-Tiered Lists using the Multi-Tier Drop Down Box Element.

Hosting News

Designer and Developer News

  • Supplmentary InformationSupplmentary Information
  • Navigation OptionsWithin Easysite it is possible to customise what the side navigation shows at different levels of the site. Here we outline a standard approach which works well for most purposes.
  • Above the FoldThere are many misconceptions about the fold and its importance. We'll take a brief look at why the fold doesn't matter as much as you might think - and why it sometimes does.
  • Design TeamMore indepth information for the Easyste Design Team
  • Access KeysThe Access Keys module allows end users to create their own keyboard shortcuts to selected pages within the site.