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Can we use a Service Desk or Help Desk email address as a valid Easysite Service Desk nominated contact?

Can we use a Service Desk or Help Desk email address as a valid Easysite Service Desk nominated contact?


We use a help desk within our organisation and we would like this to have access to the Easysite Service Desk to log service request and incidents in relation to Easysite. Are we ok to register a help desk email address so all our analysts can create requests.

The Easysite CMS product can be complicated to support due to the vast functionality available and EIBS need to make sure that the individuals we communicate with have all the knowledge required to answer a few more technical questions than a standard user. 

Your nominated Easysite Service Desk contacts will be expected to have completed the administrator level training certification and be able to provide other Easysite users with 1st and 2nd line support.

Unfortunately, this means the Service Request Portal is a resource only available to individual members of your organisation which is further relevant due to the nature of the Software Assurance and Service Desk agreement and the general terms and conditions.

When you complete your Easysite Project you are allocated a certain number of available nominated contact slots. The ability to use help desk accounts would effectively bi-pass these rules and break the terms of the Service Desk license. If we see existence of such accounts your Account Manager will be contacted to arrange for further discussions regarding actions to be taken.

Please note that further Easysite Service Desk licenses can be purchased at any time through your designated EIBS Account Manager or by contacting the Easysite Customer Services team.     

Do you wish to raise an incident or service request in relation to this FAQ?

If available, please quote the service reference listed under article details to allow the Easysite Service Desk to process your request.

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Last updated:14 May 2013