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How can I request an update to my Easysite release?

How can I request an update or upgrade to our Easysite CMS installation?


The Easysite Service Desk have confirmed an incident is resolved in a more recent release of Easysite so would like to arrange for our installation to be updated although are not sure how this is requested.


In order to update your Easysite installation, the first step is to log your desire with our Service Desk team through the Service Request Portal.

Please login with your existing Service Request Portal account, before creating a new request as you would with any questions or issues raised in the past.

Select Request Update as the Request Type and enter your current Easysite release in the Product Version field. For example,

Within the Description field of the new request add the Easysite release you would like to upgrade to along with a brief outline of why you wish to upgrade. 

For example, to fix request:18754, to gain new module functionality available in Easysite 7 etc. 

Do you wish to raise an incident or service request in relation to this FAQ?

If available, please quote the service reference listed under article details to allow the Easysite Service Desk to process your request.

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Last updated:09 May 2014