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How can we register more users for the Easysite Resource Centre?

How can we register more users for the Easysite Resource Centre?


We have had a change of personnel internally and would like to arrange for the new users to be given access to the Easysite Resource Centre to learn how to use the product.


In-line with the relaunch of the Easysite Resource Centre we now enable access to a wealth of Easysite information without the requirement to login to the site. All visitors to the Easysite Resource Centre will now gain access to our Help Articles, Videos, FAQ's and Best Practice Guides.

If the users in question require access to more technical information in relation to Known Issues, Hosting/Design Resources, access can be requested from our Easysite Resource Centre Registration form. 

Please note that to successfully register for extra resources, the individual will first require approval by the primary contact referenced for your organisation.

On approval, the account will be fully validated allowing access within 24 hours.

Do you wish to raise an incident or service request in relation to this FAQ?

If available, please quote the service reference listed under article details to allow the Easysite Service Desk to process your request.

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Last updated:21 May 2013