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Style Training

Designer Training - Easysite Styles

For CSS & HTML experienced web designers we offer two courses covering the Easysite Style (Presentation Layer) creation and management process. Delegates must have a good working knowledge of CSS, XHTML and have previously attended an Easysite User Training course and have a working knowledge of Easysite CMS.
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Ideagen offers two designer-focused Style Training courses:

  • Introductory Session
  • Advanced/Follow-up Session

Both courses are designed for a maximum of two delegates. To request training please complete our Training Requirements Form.


Initial Style Training Day


A one day course offering an introduction to basic style integration within EasySite. 



Intended audience

Attendees should have at least an intermediate level understanding of XHTML and CSS. It is recommended that delegates have previously attended Easysite User training and have a working knowledge of EasySite.

Prior to the training an information pack will be sent out to delegates. This material is intended to be of use to delegates during and after training. There is no need to review it prior to training, though some delegates choose to.

Delegates should bring the following:

  • Any design materials that they wish to use on the day.



The standard agenda includes:

  • Overview and break-down of Style Folder contents
  • Focus on ASPX, CSS and XSLT files and what they control 
  • Questions and comments 
  • Hands-on session and final questions  

Follow-up/Advanced Level Training


A one day course covering advanced style integration within Easysite.



Intended audience

Delegates must have previously attended the initial session.


Specific techniques and more advanced style integration can be covered here, and the session is delegate-led. However, the topics to be covered should be agreed upon prior to the follow-up training taking place in order that the trainer can prepare and set aims for the day. 


EIBS constantly strives to improve the quality of the training you receive. If you have attended style training then please comment on the session by completing our Training Feedback Form.

Delegate information documents

The following documents are intended for use during and after your Easysite style training. You do not need to read them beforehand.

Already had Easysite Style Training, but want some more targeted mentoring and support?

Get in touch and tell us what you need.

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