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Adding a Domain to a Microsite

Adding a Domain to a Microsite

This article explains the steps required to add new domains to an Easysite installation although also clarifies how a domain can be relocated to display content from a different microsite without being required to update the DNS.

Adding a domain

There are three requirements necessary to allow a domain to display content from an Easysite microsite. You will be required to configure:

  1. A DNS Record for the domain against the IP Address or CNAME that hosts your Easysite installation.
  2. A Binding for the domain within Internet Information Systems referencing the IP Address for your Easysite installation.
  3. A new Easysite domain for the microsite which you wish to display. The new domain is added from the following interface: 
    -> System -> Sites -> pick a site -> Manage Domains for this Site.

Note: that in addition to the domain being added to Easysite, you will be required to have the same domain present within the registry of the server that hosts the Easysite application data. This step will be automatically completed by the Easysite Server Service overnight although can be added manually if required.

Adding a local domain

The process for adding a local or dummy domain is very similar to the steps outlined above to add a brand new domain. 

The only difference is that you will not be required to contact your DNS Agent to add a new domain and instead will use your own local host file to define the domain and associated IP address to display the content of the microsite. If you wish to view the content of the site from the server that hosts the Easysite application, you will be required to use the local host address ( Alternatively the address referenced when accessing the server from your own machine will be required against the host file. 

Open the following windows system file to allow a local host record to be created:


Note: that this file path may vary depending on your operating system.

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Adding a domain - Local Host File

Moving a domain to display a different microsite

As long as the domain is already present in Easysite, moving domains to view a different microsite is relatively straight forward. Please follow the steps outlined below after confirming that the domain is present within Easysite, IIS and the registry of the web server:

1. Access the domain you wish to move and login to Easysite.

2. Access Administration and make a note of the microsite name displayed at the top of the interface (see below).

3. Go to System - > Sites -> select the appropriate site -> Manage domains for this site.Either remove or rename the domain to allow this to be added against another microsite.
Note: that Easysite will only allow a single domain to exist against a single microsite. 

4. Select the microsite that you wish to use the domain against and go to Manage domains for this site.

5. Select Add New Domain and enter the domain without the http:// prefix.

6. Select Submit Domain and you will be taken back to the Sites interface. 

Add a domain - Confirming the microsite name
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