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How to set up Automatic User Login via IP

How to set up Automatic User Login via IP


To Enable auto sign on go to Administration -> System -> Configuration.

1. Check Enable Auto Sign On:

Enable Automatic sign on in System Configuration
2. Go to Administration -> Setup -> Site and locate the Automatic Sign On configuration. The following view will be presented:
Auto sign in options screenshot

3. Select the Enable Automatic sign in via IP range(s) option. 

4. Click Add IP and add a Friendly Name and associated IP Address. 
Note: IP addresses must follow the format of If you wish to specify a range use the hyphen character e.g.
Note: to remove an IP, select the relevant IP record so it becomes highlighted then select Remove IP.

5. Edit/configure:

Automatic sign in page path

Enter the URL of the page the user is to be redirected to once logged in.

Redirect for homepage only.

If required, select to allow visitors to the homepage only to be auto-logged in. This could be used to prevent System Users being auto-logged in as Guests when attempting to edit the site.

6. Access Administration -> People -> Users and create a Public User account for users to be logged in as. This account is typically given a generic name such as 'Guest User'.

7. Access the Advanced tab for the relevant user account and find the relevant IP Address or range.

Guest user IP range screenshot

8. Select the relevant IP address.

Note: use the Ctrl key to select multiple IP addresses.

9. Assign the User Account to a Group. The end user will be logged in as a member of this group and be automatically granted the appropriate permissions.