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Implementing Twitter Cards

Implementing Twitter Cards

If you have already set your site up with Open Graph meta data, its just a few extra steps to implement Twitter Cards
In this Best Practice guide we are assuming you have already Implemented Open Graph Meta Data. If you haven't then you'll need to do this first!

Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content. Once enabled, users who Tweet links to your content will have a "card" added to the Tweet that’s visible to all of their followers. You can find out more about Twitter Cards here

Creating the Twitter Schema

To create a schema go to Administration -> Content -> Metadata. The following view will be presented:

Administration tags screenshot
1. Select schemas, and then click add. The following view will be presented:
Add schema screenshot

2. Add the following information:

Schema Name

Twitter Cards

Property Prefix


Property Delimiter

Select ':'Creating Metatags

To create metatags go to Administration -> Content -> Tags. Select the tags tab and click add. The following view will be presented:

Add tag screenshot

Creating and Populating Twitter Card Tags for an Easysite Page

The following metatags and associated settings would be used when including pages in a social network:

Card Type

Target: Page

Title: card

Attribute Key: Name

Population options: (simple example): select 'Fixed Value' and add a value of 'summary' - this will automatically add the same value to every page on the site, if you want finer control you could leave this open for authors to enter a more appropriate value such as 'product' - you can veiw an exhaustive list of available card types here    

Show meta tag without Schema: uncheck


Twitter Username

Target: Page

Title: creator

Attribute Key: Name

Population options: 

Use: Fixed Value

Fixed Value: @yourtwitterusername

Show meta tag without Schema: uncheck

Associate your Twitter Tags with your Twitter Schema

Once you have set up your tags you will need to associate them with the twitter schema you created in the first step.

go to Administration -> Content -> Tags

select schemas

select Twitter Cards

select associated tags tab

check the box for the two twitter tags created earlier

click the associate button 


Testing, validating and getting approval from Twitter

Note: this will not work automatically, you need to have your site authorised by Twitter - you can do this here (once you have set up your metadata)