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Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools

Optimising visibility of a website by creating a Webmaster tools account, submitting an XML site map to a Search Engine and setting Crawl Rates.

Creating a Webmaster account

Search Engines typically include a Webmaster Tools function which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. Examples include:



It is strongly recommended that webmasters create Webmaster tools accounts and register their site(s) with key search engines such as Google and Bing.


Part of the registration process is the verify ownership of the site. The easiest ways to verify ownership are via an existing Analytics account (if this option is presented) or via a meta tag. For example, in Google Webmaster tools select the HTML tag option. The following view will be presented:

Google webmaster tools verification screenshot

1. Create a Meta Tag using the meta name information as title and friendly name - google-site-verification in the example above, set the attribute key to name and the population option to authors to complete.

2. Edit the homepage of the site and paste the character presented into the metadata for the page. and publish.

3. In the Webmaster tools interface click Verify.

Submit an XML site map

An XML site map is a dynamic sitemap automatically created by Easysite. It is tied in with the settings of your site search for anonymous users (i.e. the search engine can see what the general public can see based on your page restrictions) and allows a search engine to index your site using the sitemap URLs which it uses as an alternative to indexing your site by crawling.

To submit an XML site map select the Site Map option within the Webmaster Tools interface. In Bing Webmaster tools, for example, the following view will be presented:

Bing XML site map screenshot

1. Enter the domain name for your site, followed by EasySiteWeb/SiteMapIndex.ashx. For example: https://resources.easysitecms.net/EasySiteWeb/SiteMapIndex.ashx and Submit.

Creating an Analytics account

Analytics provide administrators with an understanding of how visitors use the site, how they arrived on the site, which parts of the website are performing well and which pages are most popular. This information can be used to create a better experience for your customers. Examples of Analytics reporting includes:

  • Percentage split between new and returning visitors

  • Visit duration

  • Conversion rates

1. Visit the relevant Analytics website to sign up for a new account. Click the create an account button and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Set up account properties. This affects how data appears in your reports.

3. Include the Analytics tracking ID and code in your website or mobile app stylesheets to collect and send usage data to your Analytics account.

Note: If EIBS manage your styles please contact your Account Manager to discuss the addition of Analytics code to your styles.

Crawl rates

Search engines such as Bing and Google offer options allowing Webmaster to control the times and the speed at which sites are indexed. It is recommended that these settings are adjusted to minimise bot traffic during periods of high site utilisation.