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Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started with Easysite Themes
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The Design section of the Resource Centre is primarily aimed at designers and developers who have already taken the Easysite Style Training course. If you have not had this training, but would like to find out about it, please see the Easysite Style Training page.

The information contained in this section is not comprehensive, but should serve as a reminder and reference for people who have already had Style Training.

What is a Style and what is a Theme?

They are the same thing: a collection of files which control how a site looks, its branding information, navigation and other site furniture.

By 'furniture' we mean those things which are consistent from one page to another across the site: footer links, logos, search boxes, login boxes, copyright statements, etc.

You will find the terms 'Style' and 'Theme' used interchangeably throughout these knowledge base articles.  Style is the term we have always used in the past, and that is why much of the admin terminology will use it. However, we feel that it is a confusing term since it is used in so many other contexts. Therefore, we are now referring to Easysite Styles as 'Themes.'

An Easysite Theme comprises:

  • images
  • CSS
  • XSLT
  • HTML
  • C#

It might include additional custom scripts, such as jQuery.