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Installing your Easysite Themes

Installing your Easysite Themes

So you've created your own Easysite Theme. How do you apply it to your site?
installing a theme using Easysite Manager

Any folder placed in the StyleData folder of your Easysite installation will automatically be picked up by Easysite's Theme manager. However it won't be available to use on the site until it is installed.

  1. Go to the admin area of your site.
  2. From the left hand menu select 'System', then 'Styles'. You will see two lists.
    • The first list is all the styles installed on your site.
    • The second list is available styles which have not yet been installed. Any new folders you have created will be in the second list.
  3. Click on the Theme name to install it. Remember that there are three levels of Theme: Default, Master and Variant. Read more about theme inheritance here.
    • If your theme is a variant then you must specify the master theme in the 'Inherit from' drop down list.
    • If it is a default or master theme then leave 'None - will pick up Easysite default' selected.
    • Style Alias and Style Description are optional fields which may help you manage multiple themes by giving them user friendly names and detailed descriptions.
    • Do not tick 'Low Graphics style' unless it is a low graphics style! (these are now largely deprecated, as modern browsers offer advanced usability options, and we no longer advise their use).
    • Kiosk and Plugin style options can be ignored.
  4. Click 'Save Details.'
    • Your theme is now installed, and can be applied to pages using the 'Properties' tab on a page by page basis.
    • Alternatively, if it is a master style you might want to click 'Apply this style to all pages in the current site.'
Installing Themes in Easysite