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How to style Easysite Page Elements

How to style Easysite Page Elements

Step by Step guides to styling a variety of Easysite page elements
writing CSS

In this section you can find a variety of guides to styling particular page elements and modules within Easysite. Please bear in mind that these are tutorials only, and it may not be as straightforward as simply copying and pasting the sample code into your own styles. Occasionally ccs class names change within Easysite, or html changes are made.

These guides should serve as a tutorial in how to approach styling your own site. The concepts and structure should remain the same, but you will always need to examine the html and see for yourself how the page is structured and which classes are in use. 

Most modern browsers have their own inbuilt developer tools, which can be helpful in examining html structure and css. In Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome these can be accessed by pressing F12. There are also a range of plugins you may find of use. Chris Pederick has produced a particularly useful developer toolbar which allows you to edit both html and css on the fly, seeing your changes instantly on the page without actually touching the server.

We are continually adding new guides to this section, so check back to find more articles in future.