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Banner Campaign

Banner Campaign

Can display a Banner Campaign advert series within your design style (only available if you have the Banner Campaigns module installed)

How to use this Style Element

If you use the Banner Campaigns module you can include campaigns within your style using the follwing Style Element:

<%=StyleElement("BannerCampaign", "showaslist=true;randomizalistorder=false;campaignid=851872B3-5864-4B4E-850B-DAFEFC4BAA0B")%>


showsaslist= {true / false}

Defines whether to show a single ad (false) from the campaign or all ads (true)

randomizalistorder= {true / false}

If you have set showaslist=true you can randomise the order in which the adverts are listed by setting this parameter to true

campaignid= {GUID}

Define using the GUID of the campaign you wish to include within your style.