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What is UX, and should you be using it? Find out how User Experience Consultancy could benefit your web presence.
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We can’t use our current site. The navigation is messy, we don’t know where information is. We can’t find anything, and what we have is out of date!

 – a commonly heard complaint from new customers wanting to revamp their websites.

Your website is the face of your organisation. Many of your potential and existing users will form their first impression of you though your website. It isn’t enough for it to be visually attractive. The site must deliver what your users want in a clear and coherent manner. An attractive design is the tip of the iceberg. Below it, hidden and unobtrusive, is the supporting framework of UX.

User Experience is about getting to know your users. Understanding their wants, needs and goals, and aligning these with your business goals.

Remember: YOU are not the user!

A UX consultant should work with you - but more importantly, with your users - to create user journeys shaped around recreated personas.

You may think you don’t have time for a UX process. Perhaps you’re on a tight deadline? Your site must go live for a specific date? Consequently, information gathering about your users is kept to a minimum.

But getting the site live on time is a hollow victory if these key stages are skipped, and the resulting site is poorly structured or un-user friendly...

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Not sure how to get started with UX? Contact your account manager today to find out how User Experience Consultancy could help your web site.