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Edit project details

Edit project details

Edit the details of a Project, adding additional Features and changing the Status of a Project.

Edit project

To edit the details of a project click Edit project details. The following view will be presented:

Edit project details screenshot

1. Edit/configure:


If required, edit the Title of the Project.


If required, edit the Description of the Project.


If required, enable additional Features for the Project:

  • MessagesCreating and categorising messages to other Users.
  • TasksCreating and managing Consonance Tasks.
  • FilesUploading Files directly to a Project, or view files added via other features such as Task and Messages.
  • CalendarCreating and managing Consonance Calendar events.
  • ChatPublic and Private Chat between Members of a Consonance Project.


If appropriate change the Status for the Project.

Note: Inactive prohibits further contributions to the Project, although a Project may be made active again by an Administrator if required.

Note: Complete closes the Project and advised members via email. Completed Projects may then be deleted.