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Manage project members

Manage project members

Managing the people who are members of this project and the roles they hold.

Project Members

To add or remove members from the Project go to Manage -> Manage Project Members. The following view will be presented:

Manage members screenshot

1. Click Add Project Member. A list of available Users will be presented:

Add member screenshot

2. Click to select the required user, and click Select. The following view will be presented:

Add user to project screenshot

3. Select a role for the user.

Note: the following roles are available:

Member - may contribute to the Project by uploading files and creating events. Members may also edit their own contributions within a fifteen minute window from the time of creation.

Observer - may view activities for the Project, but may not contribute and is not visible to other Members.

Project Manager - may contribute to and Manage the Project. Project Managers may also edit contributions of other members.

4. Click Add User.

Note that when a User logs on to Consonance, their status is indicated against the Project:

User status screenshot

Green indicates that this user is on line.

Note; that the + indicates that the user is an Administrator.