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The Easysite Desktop Uploader

The Easysite Desktop Uploader

The Easysite Desktop Uploader is a small standalone application written by EIBS Ltd that enables you to ‘send’ one or more files from Windows Explorer or the Windows Desktop directly to the Easysite Asset Manager.
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Compatibility with your systems

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this application will function correctly with all Microsoft Window systems, configurations and/or organisational security policies. 

Please speak with your local IT department for clarification as to whether the Easysite Desktop Uploader will work within your own networks.

The Easysite Desktop Uploader development utilises Microsoft functionality know as ClickOnce. Installation will work correctly with all Internet Explorer browsers although we are aware that this technology is not currently supported by Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox without the installation of an additional plugin application.

Note: A number of plugins can be found across the internet in order to install this functionality within unsupported browsers although we would recommend using Internet Explorer as the simple solution.

Please read the following articles for further details regarding the installation and use of the Easysite Desktop Uploader:

  • Installing the Easysite Desktop UploaderThe Easysite desktop uploader can be installed by accessing the link present within the configuration of the Asset Manager Tools element or alternatively following the steps outlined in this article.
  • Using the Easysite Desktop UploaderThe Easysite Desktop Uploader enables a single file or collection of files to be added to the Easysite Asset Manager quickly and efficiently using Windows Explorer. This article outlines the steps required to complete a batch or single file upload using this additional Easysite integrated application.