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Using the Easysite Desktop Uploader

Using the Easysite Desktop Uploader

The Easysite Desktop Uploader enables a single file or collection of files to be added to the Easysite Asset Manager quickly and efficiently using Windows Explorer. This article outlines the steps required to complete a batch or single file upload using this additional Easysite integrated application.

The steps outlined below will only work if you have already installed the Easysite Desktop Uploader.

          1. Access a folder on your machine (which contains the files you wish to upload) and select so the files are all highlighted.

          2. Click the right mouse button on one of the highlighted files then choose Send to then from the additional menu choose Easysite.

The Easysite Desktop Uploader will request login to an account with the appropriate privileges and permissions to add assets.

          3. Once the users login details have been accepted the process of uploading the chosen files to the Easysite Asset Manager will begin.

The user will only be required to login to the desktop uploader once during each session that may involve a number of uploads. This information is stored within a cookie on your own machine.

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Easysite Desktop Uploader - Send To Desktop
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Easysite Desktop Uploader - Login
          4. Make sure all Confirm check boxes are enabled then click Continue and an uploading progress interface will be displayed.

          5. Once complete, the Batch Progress and File Progress bars will display at 100% and the physical upload will be complete. 

          6. Click Continue to display the interface to allow the user to define the details for the new assets, however also categories, metadata and
          scheduling information.

The desktop uploader will follow the same restrictions and security steps as adding an asset directly to the Easysite Asset Manager. For example, the user will be required to add Asset Category associations and any branch enforcing configuration will also be applicable.

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Easysite Desktop Uploader - Confirm Your Selection
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Easysite Desktop Uploader - Uploading Progress

          7. Add all the necessary configuration (based on your installation configuration and internal processes) and click Next File. If only uploading a
          single file you will not see the Next File or Previous File buttons so in this scenario simply click Finish and move to the next step .

The application will automatically create a Title and Alternate Text based on the file name(s) although this can be manually changed by simply replacing the text.

Any required mandatory information not entered will be highlighted by a red triangle displaying under the associated tab. Access the associated tab interface to display a message regarding the mandatory information.

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Easysite Desktop Uploader - Adding Asset Details
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Easysite Desktop Uploader - Mandatory
          9. Once all the required information is present, click Finish again and the desktop uploader will complete the process, add the assets to the
          Easysite Asset Manager and display the following interface.

If mandatory information is NOT entered, the file will be added to the Easysite Asset Manager although in a draft state. The asset will need to be updated with the mandatory information prior to being visible or accessible on the front end of the website.  

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Easysite Desktop Uploader - Upload Complete