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Asset manager configuration

Configure the following options:

Assets configuration expiry configuration screenshot

Expiry Notification Period

Enter the number of days before an asset expires that the owner will be notified.

Asset configuration link validation screenshot

Asset Link Validation Report Frequency

Easysite can validate code or script assets and external link assets and report on any invalid assets. If required, set the frequency of this report

Validation Report Recipient Address

Enter an appropriate address for the validation report.

Assets configuration macromedia flash screenshot

Target Flash Player

Select the appropriate option.

FLV Control Background Colour

Enter an appropriate reference.

FLV Control Text Colour

Enter an appropriate reference

[ Zoom ]

Asset Shortcuts

Asset shortcuts allow the System User to associate a friendly URL with an asset. Enter a path prefix for relevant assets to be returned against.

Asset configuration asset owner screenshot

Owner Display Format

Select the appropriate option

Owner is mandatory

Check if required.

Asset configuration asset categorisation screenshot

Allow Add Category In Asset Manager Category Tree

If required check to allow System Users to add categories directly to the asset manager category tree when managing assets.

Only Enforce Asset Categorisation in Front End

If required check to allow assets uploaded via the Administration interface to not be categorised..

Enforce Asset Categorisation in Specific Branches

Check if required.

Enforced Categorisation Branches

Check to select.

Asset configuration asset manager sorting optinos screenshot

Use Date Modified

Check if required.

Asset configuration related assets screenshot

Enable Related Assets

Check if required.

Note: when adding or editing an asset the System user may associate the asset id of another asset. If the original asset is displayed via an asset browser, related assets will be listed.

Asset categories streaming media screenshot

Vignette Size

If the Thumbnail option is to be utilised via the manipulation feature select an appropriate size. 

Auto-launch Manipulation

Check if required.

Asset categories streaming media screenshot

Allowed URL Override Domains

Click Add New Domain to add a domain.

Asset configuration user gallery screenshot

Default Site Gallery

Select the appropriate option.

Asset configuration right click screenshot

Enable Inline Right Click disabling

Check if required.

Disable Right Click on All Images

Check if required.

Blocked Asset Alert

Enter appropriate text.

Asset configuration attachment settings screenshot

Launch page Attachments Inline

Check if required.

Enforce Restriction

Check if required.

Asset configuration workflow screenshot

Send Email

Check if required.

Email Subject

Enter an appropriate subject line.

Email Body

Enter an appropriate body text.

Attachment/digest options

Select the appropriate options.

Asset configuration asset imporrt job configuration

Enable Import Job

Check if required.

Import Files on Local Server

Check if required.

FTP Address

Enter an appropriate value.


Enter an appropriate value.


Enter an appropriate value.

Confirm Password

Enter an appropriate value.

Passive Transfer

Check if required.

Remove Assets Missing from Import Location

Check if required.

Job is to run once daily after (HH:mm)

Enter an appropriate value.

Select Head Category

Click Change to select an appropriate category.

Asset configuration retention screenshot


Check if required.

Note: retention policies are created in Workflow and applied via Asset Categories.


Select the appropriate options.

Asset configuration review screenshot

Default Notification Period (days)

Enter an appropriate value.

Asset Review Message

Enter an appropriate value.

Mandatory Review Date

Check if required.

Site default Review schedule

Select the appropriate option.

Enable Review schedule lifecycle settings

Check if required.

Allow review date override?

Check if required.

Note: If a review date period has been added in the Asset Configuration interface and a Review Schedule is 'Not set' any user who has the 'Asset Administrator' privilege or is an owner of an asset will receive a notification of review.

Asset configuration asset archive screenshot

Asset Archive Message

Enter an appropriate message.

Asset configuration comment user screenshot

Comment Moderator/s

Check to add the appropriate users.

Asset configuration zoom screenshot

Default enlarge image size

Select the appropriate option.

Make image zoom by default

Check if required.

Make lightbox the default zoom method

Check if required.

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