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Add tag

Add Tag

To add a Metatag go to Administration -> Content -> Metadata.

1. Select tags, and click add. The following view will be presented:

Administration guide adding metadata screenshot

2. Edit/configure:



From the dropdown list what the tag is to apply to. Select from Page and Asset, Page only, Asset only.


Enter an appropriate title for the tag.

Note: the title is displayed in the source code.

Friendly Name

Enter an appropriate friendly name for the tag.

Note: the friendly name is presented to authors if they are required to populate the tag.


Enter an appropriate description for the tag.

Note: the description is presented to authors if they are required to populate the tag.

Attribute key

Select the appropriate option.

Note: Property indicates that the value of the meta tag contains a page property.

NAME allows more than one word, for example: <metaname="Keywords"content="Administration, manage metadata"/> 

HTTP-EQUIV allows single string of characters, for example: <meta http-equiv="refresh"content="5" /> [ this tell the page to refresh every 5 seconds ]

Charset is utilised to indicate that the value of the meta tag is a Character Set such as UTF-8 or ASCII.

Scheme Value

The value can be used to define the format of the data. For example „DD-MM-YYYY‟ or the W3C XML Schema Definition (XSD) Date and Time Data Types. 


Administration content metadata add tag contnet metadata

Population options

Select the appropriate option:


Administration guide option screenshot


If required, check to allow the site search access to the content of the meta tag.

Show meta tag without Schema

Check if Required.

Append Tag Contents to Web Page Title

If the Title Bar Text is to populated from a Meta Tag check to select the Meta Tag.

3. Click Save.

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