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Authors to Complete

Authors to Complete


The Authors to Complete option exposes the Meta Tag on pages and allows the page author to enter a value. For example:

<metaname="Keywords"content="metatag, auto populate, page property, apply metatag to all pages, property prefix"/> 

1. Go to Administration -> Content -> Metadata. Select Tags and then Add. The following view will be presented:

Meta tag automatic generation population option screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Population options

Authors to Complete.


Select the appropriate element.

Note: Multi-Select presents the page author with a dropdown list of values. To populate the dropdown enter the required values in the default value field, separated by pipes |.

Default Value

If required pre-populate the Meta Tag by entering a default value. 

New Pages Inherit Value From Parent

Check if required.

Do Not Allow An Empty Value

If required, check to make population of the Meta Tag mandatory.

Hide Tag When Value Is Empty

If required, check to hide the tag from the source code if not populated.

Allow Modules to complete this tag

If required, check to allow a text element from a Directory to populate the value for this  Meta Tag.

Note: the Directory element must be set to Populate Meta Tag (Full Screen mode). An option will then be presented allowing the administrator to select which Meta Tag the element will populate.

3. Click Save.

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