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Create New Template

Create New Template

Edit page template details

To create a template go to Administration -> Content -> Templates.

1. Click Create New Template. The following view will be presented:

Administration content templates addcreate new template screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate name for the template.


Enter an appropriate name for the template.

Note: this description may be exposed to authors when creating a new page.

Lock Template Contents

By default the layout of a page may be changed using Edit Structure/Template. To prevent front end user changing the layout of a page check Lock Template Contents.

Template Icon

If required click Upload Image to select an iconĀ  which will represent the template in a list.

Share this Template Globally

If required, check to allow the template to be added to template categories on other sites in the installation.

3. Click Save and Return to Template List. Alternatively, the following options are available:

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