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Render Method – Headline Box

Render Method – Headline Box

Headline Box

The Headline Box render method presents a simple list of asset. The end user clicks on the asset to download it. An example of the Headline Box render method in use would be:

Asset browser headline box render example screenshot

1. Drag and drop the Asset Browser element onto the page or template.

2. Configure the element and select the Headline Box render method. The following view will be presented:

Asset browser headline box render method configuration screenshot

3. Edit/configure:

Asset Type

Select the appropriate option.

Display Type

Select the appropriate option.

Note: if browse assets from selected category is selected click Change to select an appropriate category.

If Filter on multiple categories is selected use the category filter options at the foot of the element.

Show Assets in Child Categories

Check if required.

Note: this option presents child categories as a menu structure. The end user may then navigate through the categories to find the appropriate asset(s).

This option should be used as an alternative to locating multiple asset browsers on a single page.

Title Bar Text

Enter a title for the headline box.

Title Bar URL

Enter a URL link address if you want the headline box title to be configured as a link.


From the drop down list select the headline box position.


Enter a width in pixels for the headline box. 

Enable Bullet List Graphics

Tick the checkbox to display bullets along with links in the headline box.

View type

Select the appropriate option.

Display Premium Assets

If required, check it include assets which have been made Premium.

Login Path for Premium Assets

If required, click Change to select an appropriate login page. Anonymous users will be redirected to this page if attempting to access premium assets.

Added in the last

Enter an appropriate value.

By File Extension Collection

Select the appropriate option.

Number of assets displayed

Enter an appropriate value.

Hide results box if no results are found

Check if required.

Hide Expired Assets

Check if required.

Hide Scheduled Assets

Check if required.

Order by

Select the appropriate option.

Must be in any/all/none of

Click Add Category to display a custom list of assets.

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