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Source – RSS Feed

Source – RSS Feed

The RSS Feed source creates a dynamic list of articles using an RSS feed.

Page Lister element

1. Drag and drop the Page Lister element onto the page or template.

2. Configure the element and select the RSS Feed source. The following view will be presented:

Page lister element configuration rss feed source screenshot

3. Edit/configure:

Include Restricted Results

If required check to include pages restricted by permissions.

Note: the user will be asked to log in if attempting to access one of these pages.

RSS Feed

Select the appropriate feed.

Note: the feed will only display articles which exist on the current site.


Select the appropriate option.

Maximum Items

Enter an appropriate value.


Check if required.


Enter an appropriate title for the list of articles.


If required, enter appropriate footer text.


Select the appropriate option.

Alternating Row Style

Select the appropriate option

Num. Columns

Enter the required number of columns.

Show Title

Check if required.

Show Images

Check if required.

Note: if this option is selected select an appropriate display size. If required, check to utilise the page avatar.

Show Author

Check if required.

Show Summary

Check if required.

Note: if this option is selected enter an optional character limit for the summary.

Show Published Date

Check if required and select the appropriate date options.

Display No Results Message

If required check to select and enter an appropriate message.

Open Links in New Window

Check if required.

Enable Pages

Check if required and enter a maximum number of items per page.

Querystring Prefix

Enter an identifier that will be used to distinguish between multiple Page Lister elements when present on a single page and using pagination.

Article comments