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The Registration element is used in conjunction with Registration Forms and allows a user to register with the site.

Registration element

1. Drag and drop the Registration element onto the page or template:

Registration element icon

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented: 

Registration element configuration screenshot

3. Edit/configure:

Account Type

Select the appropriate option.

Allow users to set member profile visibility

Select the appropriate option.

Note: this option creates a dropdown allowing members to elect to show or not show their details in the Members element.

Account validation mode

Select the appropriate option.

Initial message

Define the on-screen message presented when the user submits their registration information.

Registration pre-fill options

Select the appropriate option.

Register button text

Enter appropriate text.


Select the appropriate option.

Show organisation field

Select the appropriate option.

Note: if the Membership module is utilised select Show Organisation Picker to allow the registrant to select from a pre-defined list of organisations.


Select the appropriate option.


Select the appropriate option.

Date of birth

Select the appropriate option.


Select the appropriate option.


Select the appropriate option.


Select the appropriate option.


Select the appropriate option.


Select the appropriate option.

Terms and Conditions

Select the appropriate option.

Show email address confirmation

Check if required.

Show (Re)captcha

Select the appropriate option.

Note: if this option is selected select the appropriate CAPTCHA mode.

Custom record type

Select the appropriate option.

Registration form

Select the appropriate option.

Registration element extended record fields screenshot

General tab label

If the Extended Record view is selected the General tab will display additional fields create via the User Template interface. If required enter an appropriate label for this information.


Select the appropriate option.

Location tab label

If required enter an appropriate label.


Enter an appropriate legend.

Extended record

Enter an appropriate legend.


Enter an appropriate legend.

Registration element message configuration

Sign in successful registrations?

If required, check to automatically sign in the user after the registration process is complete.

Return user to referring page

If required, check to return the user to the page they were viewing prior to registering.

Post Registration Page Redirect

If required, click Change to select an appropriate page for the user to be taken to after the registration process is complete..

Send user an email confirmation?

Check if required.

Note: if this option is selected, select a user the email is to come from and define the content and optional footer.

Send additional notification email to

If required, enter an internal email address which will receive notification that a user has submitted registration details.

Additional notification email message

If required, add additional information to the internal notification email.

Users to send additional email message to

If required, click Select Users to select additional Easysite users or groups. These users will also receive notification that registration details have been submitted.

Registration element configuration whitelist screenshot

Email domain whitelist

View and if required remove email domains from the whitelist. If a whitelist is created only users with email from the specified domains will be able to complete the registration process.

Add an email whitelist domain

If required, limit registrations to select email domains.

Not on whitelist message

If required enter an onscreen message to be displayed to users from outside the specified domain.


Select whether the user is to become a member or an applicant of the group.

Groups selected

Click Select Groups to select the group the user is to be added to upon successful completion of the registration process.

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