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Reconcile Pages with Templates

Reconcile Pages with Templates

This option allows an administrator to associate groups of orphaned pages with an appropriate template.

Note: for information on changing the template of an individual page see Template

Manage Templates

To reconcile pages with templates go to Administration -> Content -> Templates.

1. Ensure that an appropriate template exists, containing the elements require to display the content of the orphaned pages.

2. Select Reconcile page with Templates. The following view will be presented:

Administration Content Templates Reconcile pages with templates

Note: Each group represents a list of orphaned pages containing the same elements.

2. Select an appropriate Group.

3. Go to Select Match. A list of templates which contain elements corresponding to the page content will be presented.

Note: Exact Matches lists templates containing exactly the same elements as the pages in question.

Close matches contain the same elements, plus additional elements to those used on the page.

3. Select an appropriate template and click Process Group.

Replace one Page Template for another across multiple pages  

If possible, ensure that all your orphan Templates are reconciled with a ‘standard’ template before using the procedure outlined below.

1. Delete the unwanted Template (if required, copy the template under a new name first). This act will ‘orphan’ pages based on it.

2. Go to Administration -> Content -> Templates.

3. Reconcile Pages with Templates as detailed above.

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