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View Banner Pool

View Banner Pool


Add New Banner

In order for a banner to be used in a campaign, it must first be added to the banner pool. Banners within the banner pool can be used within any number of campaigns.

To add an asset to a Banner Pool, go to Administration -> Modules -> Banner Management.

1. Select ‘View Banner Pool’. The following view will be presented:


2. Click Add New Banner. The following view will be presented:

Banner management banner details screenshot

3. Edit/Configure:

Short Description 

Enter an appropriate short label for the banner. This will be used to identify the banner when adding it to a campaign. 

Open Banner in new Window

Check if required. 

Banner is Active

Check to make the banner available for use in a campaign.


Browse to select an asset from the asset manager.

Note:multiple assets can be added in this way. These will be displayed simultaneously. 

Banner URL

Enter the URL the user is to be redirected to when clicking the banner.

4. Select Save Banner Details to save, or Cancel to exit.


Editing a Banner

To edit a banner, click View Banner Pool. The following view will be presented:

Banner management short description screenshot

1. Click on the name of the appropriate banner. Edit the banner as described above.


Delete a Banner

To delete a banner check to select the appropriate banner, the select Save Selections.


Update all Banner URLs

To redirect all banners to a single URL. select Update all Banner URLs.The following view will be presented:

Banner management update URL for all banners screenshot

1. Click Change to borowse for a new URL.

2. Select Update Banner URLs.

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