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Adding a Portal Page to the Site

Adding a Portal Page to the Site

Create a Portal Page at the required location within the site.

Portal Element

1. Drag and drop the portal element onto the page or template:

BuildPortal Icon

2. Configure the element. The following view is presented:

Buildportal module portal element screenshot

3. Edit/Configure:

Portal Title Text     

Create an appropriate main title for the portal.

Portal-List Legend            

The user will be presented with an option to add more portlets to their portal. Selecting this options presents a list of currently hidden portlets. Create an appropriate heading for this list. 

Configuration-Link Text      

Enter an appropriate label for the add more portlets button.

Reset-Link Text        

If required customise the text of the reset default settings button.

Update-Button Text            

If required customise the text of the update changes button

Animation Method 

Select the appropriate option.

Note: Zoom – collapses the portlet vertically and horizontally.

          Slide – collapses the portlet vertically

Animation Speed        

Select the appropriate speed.

Override Width 

If required check to customise the width of the portal.

Note: if this option is selected an option to define a pixel or percentage width will be presented.

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