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Calendars Module List Render Method

Calendars Module List Render Method

The List render method displays a list of events.


1. Select the List render method. The following view will be presented:

Calendars module calendar element pcnfiguration list render method

2. Edit/configure:

Hide Search Options

Check if required.

Display Year Selector

Check if required.

Year to Display

Enter an appropriate value.

Character Limit for Summary Description

Enter an appropriate value.

Enable Paging

Check if required, and enter the number of events to be displayed per page.

Event Submission Confirmation Message

Create an appropriate event to be displayed if an event is added via the page.


Select the appropriate month to display.

Show past events

Check if required.

Search Form Placement

Select the appropriate option.

Swap search buttons

Check if required.

Display friendly date

Check if required.

Open events using information link

Check if required.

Group Events under Monthly Headings

Check if required.

Allow Public Users to Submit New Events

Check if required.

Public submissions require approval

Check if required. 

Users Required to Agree to Terms and Conditions

Check if required.

Terms and Conditions Link text

Enter appropriate text for a link to the terms and conditions page.

Terms and Conditions Path

Click Change to create a link to the terms and conditions page.

Display Attendee List

Check if required.

Specify Fields to Hide

If required, check and select fields to be hidden when events are added.

Public Submission message Subject

Define the subject line for a notification of submission email.

Public Submission message Body

Define the body of a notification of submission email.

External Recipient

Click Add Recipient to select recipients for the notification email.

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