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Create New Calendar

Creating a New Calendar

Create new Calendar

To create an instance of Calendars go to Administration -> Modules -> Calendars.

1. Select Create new Calendar, the following view will be presented: 

Calendars module create new calendar screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Event Calendar Name    

Enter an appropriate name for the event calendar.

Public Events Page URL      

Enter the URL of the main events page on the site

Event Invitation Message   

Enter an appropriate message.

Note: this option is used in conjunction with the CIS module to invite users to meetings.

Enable PDF Creation 

If required. check to enable events to be output on predefined PDF templates.

Allow Event Graphics  

Check to allow images to be added to individual event details.  

Enable Maps   

Check if required. 

Note: if this option is selected enter an appropriate Google API key.

Share this Event Calendar amongst Community Sites

Check if required.

Enable Record Level Permissions

Check to apply permissions to individual events.

Note if this option is selected the appropriate option from the dropdown. Only User Can Write means that only the original creator can edit the details of an individual event.


Public users entering events have the ability to email invites to their events. If required check and add appropriate HTML.

3.Click Save Event Calendar.

Edit Calendar

To edit an instance of Calendars go to Administration -> Modules -> Calendars.

1. Select the appropriate Calendar and click Edit Calendar Details.

2. Edit as detailed above.


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