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Manage Events

Manage Events

Add New Event

To add an event to the Calendar go to  Easysite Manager -> Modules -> Calendars.

1. Select the appropriate Calendar and click Manage Events. The following view will be presented:

Event calendar module user guide populate calendar screenshot

2. Click Add New Event. the following view will be presented:

Calendar modules manage events add event screenshot

3. Edit/configure:


Click to select the appropriate category or categories.

Event title

Enter an appropriate title for the event.


Enter an appropriate description for the event.

Unique Event ID

Enter an appropriate ID for the event.

Contact Name

Enter appropriate information.

Contact Details

Enter appropriate information.

Contact Email

Enter appropriate information.

Event Website URL

Enter appropriate information.

Event Information Link

If required, click Change to create link to a page detailing the event.

Event Dates Description

Enter appropriate information.

Event Times

Enter appropriate information.

Event Cost

Enter appropriate information.

Event Start Date

Enter an appropriate start date.

Event Finish Date

Enter an appropriate finish date.

Event Expiry Date

Enter an appropriate date. The event will be removed from the Calendar on this date.

Venue Details

Enter appropriate information.

Associated Document

Click Launch Asset Browser to select an appropriate document.

4. Click Save.

Import Records

To import events go to Easysite Manager -> Modules -> Calendars.

1. Select the appropriate Calendar and click Import Records.

2. Select Browse to select an appropriate CSV, then click Upload File.


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