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Configuring the CIS Module

Configuring the CIS Module

Edit CIS Configuration

Go to Administration -> Modules -> CIS.

1. Select Edit CIS Configuration. The following view will be presented:

CIS module user guide CIS config screenshot

2. Edit/Configure:

Associated group

The CIS module uses two basic group types – Councillors and Clerks. Click Edit to expose a list of EasySite groups. Click on a group name to associate appropriate group with both Councillors and Clerks. This will determine access rights for each of the group types.

Default Forms

If a form has been created to capture information about new members click on the member type to associate a form.

Note: if this option is selected, the following option is exposed:

CIS module user guide councillor type form table screenshot

select an appropriate form from the drop down list.   

Register of Interest Form

If a register of interest form has been created, select the appropriate form from the drop down list.

Note: this information may be displayed on the page.  

3. Click Save, and then Back to CIS admin

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