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Displaying Member Summaries

Displaying Member Summaries

CIS Information element

This element creates a list of wards or parish councils as required. Clicking on a body shows a summary of details for each member. In addition a link is presented to click to the member details page. .

1.Drag and drop the CIS Summary Information element onto thepage or template:

CIS module user guide summary info icon screenshot

  2. ŽConfigure the element. The following view will be presented:

CIS module user guide summary info screenshot

3. Edit/Configure

Path to Member Details Page   

Click change to create a link to the councillors page.

Note: clicking on the body name will generate list of councillors belonging to that body. Clicking on the name of the councillor will use this link to redirect the user to the bodies page.


Check the appropriate display options.

Path to Ward Map Page  

If required click change to create a path to a ward map page.

Member Form Fields to Display  

If available, highlight the fields from the member form to be displayed.

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