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Cookie Consent Opt Out

Cookie Consent Opt Out

The Cookie Consent Opt Out allows users who have initially consented to cookies to opt out at a later date. Opting out will present the standard accept cookies option, and, if enabled, will automatically block all cookies.

Cookie Consent Opt Out Element

1. Drag and drop the Cookie Consent Opt Out element onto the page or template:

Cookie consent module consent opt out element icon

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Cookie consent module consent optout element configuration screenshot

3. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate legend for the element.

Not Currently Allowing Cookies Message

Enter an appropriate message to be displayed on the page after the user opts out.

Opt Out Message

Enter a message explaining the opt out option.

Checkbox Text

Enter appropriate text to be presented with the opt out check box.

Validation Error Message

Enter a message to be displayed if the user clicks the confirmation button without first checking the checkbox.

Opt Out Button Text

Enter an appropriate label for the opt out button.

Confirmation Message

Enter an appropriate message. This message is displayed after the opt out button has been clicked.

Confirmation/Cancel Button text

Presented with the confirmation message enter appropriate labels for the confirm and cancel buttons.

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