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Cookie Style Wrappers

Cookie Style Wrappers

The Easysite Cookie Consent module allows the administrator to manage and report on the use of Easysite cookies. The module has no effect on third party cookies such as Google Analytics.

The 'Cookie Consent Law' is a data protection regulation which states that cookies can not be used to gather personal information without the explicit consent of the end user.

To allow sites to be compliant with this aspect of the law it is possible to add a wrapper to the style sheet. This wrapper will hide the Google Analytics tracking code until the user consents, via either the Cookie Consent module.

Simply wrap any code contained within .aspx files (which sets cookies) in the following snippets. The snippet will only allow the inner html to render if the user has accepted cookies.

Cookie Consent - Cookie Wrapper (Module)
Please speak with your EIBS Account Manager if you would like to arrange for this to be completed on your behalf?