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DataStore Record Search

DataStore Record Search


The Data Store Record Search element allows users to search for Data Store records from within EasySite pages.  This element is available when Data Store is installed in EasySite, and when the current site has at least one active Data Store instance.

DataStore Record Search Element

Œ1. Drag and drop the DataStore search element onto the page or template:

DataStore module DataStore Record search element icon

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

DataStore record search screenshot

3. Edit/Configure:


Select an appropriate DataStore.

Note: the following view will be presented:

DataStore record search configuration screenshot

Show Per-Field Search         

If required, check to display dedicated search fields for elements set as ‘Show in Search’.

Show Keyword Search       

Check if required.

Only Show results with Live Pages

Check if required.

Show Results Full Screen

Check if required.

Note: if this option is selected the following view will be presented:

DataStore results preamble screenshot

If required, enter an appropriate preamble

Results Sort Field       

Select a field for the data to be sorted by. Results will be sorted alphabetically.

Results View    

Select the appropriate option.

No Results Message   

If required, enter a custom no results message.

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