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DataStore Single Record View

DataStore Single Record View

DataStore Singe Record View Element

1. Drag and drop the DataStore Single Record View element onto the page or template:

DataStore single record view element icon

2. Configure the element, and select the appropriate DataStore. The following view will be presented:

DataStore module single record view element configurration screenshot

3. Edit/configure:


Select an appropriate DataStore.


Select an appropriate record for display.


Select an appropriate view for display.

Pending moderation message

If the record is subject to moderation create a message to be displayed whilst the record is pending moderation.

Pending moderation CSS

If required enter appropriate CSS.

Allow inline editing

Check if required.

Edit view

Select the view which will be displayed if the record is to be edited inline.

Edit permissions

Select the appropriate option in order to determine which user may edit the record inline.

Edit button label

Create an appropriate label.

Display Thank-you message

Check if required.

On first submission only

Check if required.

Thank-you message

Enter an appropriate message.

OK button label

Create an appropriate label.

Page on OK

Click Change to select an appropriate page.

Additional Querystring

If required add an appropriate querystring.

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