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Manage DataStore Views

Manage DataStore Views

Once the elements have been configured it is possible create one or more display views for the DataStore instance. The View determines how the DataStore record is displayed on the page. Typically separate views are created for both displaying and editing records. In addition, a short view of a record could be created by using a limited selection of available elements.

Add View

To create a new view go to Administration -> Modules -> DataStore. Select the appropriate DataStore and click Manage Views. The following view will be presented:

DataStore module user guide manage views template screenshot

1. Select add. The following view will be presented:

DataStore module user guide edit view details screenshot

Œ2. Enter an appropriate name for the view

3 Drag and drop the elements to create an order on the page.

Note: when adding an element to the view, the following options will be presented:

DataStore module create view add element screenshot

4. Edit/configure:

Show Label

Check if required.


From the the dropdown select the appropriate edit or render method for the element.

Note: Element elements can not be reused. For example, if only one short text area has been created only one short text element may be added to the view.

The following elements may be reused when adding a view:

Making a View Active

Once the appropriate elements have been added to the view, click Save. The following view will be presented:

1. Check to make the appropriate view active, and select update.

Note: a view can not be displayed on a page until it has been made active.

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