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Decision Tree Basket

Decision Tree Basket


The Decision Tree Basket element allows users to save a number of results. This may be useful if the outcomes are products.

Decision Tree Basket Element

ŒDrag and drop the Decision Tree Basket element onto the appropriate page or template:

Decision Tree Basket Icon

1. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Decision tree module user guide dcisione tree basket screenshot

Ž2. Edit/Configure:

Basket Title                      

Enter an appropriate title for the basket.

Empty Basket Title      

Define appropriate text which will be displayed when the basket is empty.

Show Clear Basket     

Check to expose a clear basket link.

Clear Basket Text

Enter appropriate explanatory text for the clear basket option.

Show Further Information?

Check if required.

Further Information Text

Enter appropriate explanatory text for the further information option.

Further Information Page   

Click Change to create a link to an appropriate page.       

Show Print Button?        

Check if required.       

Print Page Heading Text

Enter appropriate explanatory text for the print page option.

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