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eBooklets allows the end user to add selected pages to a basket. The user can then download these pages in PDF form.

Batch add to PDF basket

If required, an administrator may add a batch of pages directly to the PDF basket.

Go to Administration -> Modules -> PDF basket. The following view will be presented:

Web to pdf module batch add to pdf basket screenshot

1. Edit/configure:


Click Change to select an appropriate page category.


If required the batch of pages can be further limited via the use of metadata.

Any meta tags which have been configured as searchable will be listed. Entering a value into a metadata field will limit the batch to pages containing that value. For example, a page has description meta tag, with data value of "This is our newest product". Entering a value of "Newest" in the description filter field would create a match.

2. Click Filter. The following view will be created:

Web to pdf batch add to basket screenshot

Clear basket before adding these items

Check if required, then select add to basket.

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