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Donation Faux Registration

Donation Faux Registration

The Faux Registration element allows users to purchase products and make donations without logging into Easysite. A short form is displayed allowing the user to enter personal information. For example:

Faux registration element example

Faux Registration element

Drag and drop the Faux Registration element onto the form, and configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Donation faux Registration element screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate label for the element.

Must Be Filled In

Check if required.

Show In Detail Page

If required, check to include the element in the summary view when managing responses.

Show In Summary

If required, check to include the element in the detail view when managing responses.

User to impersonate for security

To allow the purchasing access to what is essentially restricted functionality the purchaser is given the same access as a selected user for the duration of the session. It is recommended that a guest user account is created for this purpose.

Require Title

If required, check to make selecting the users title mandatory.

Custom Title List

By default a dropdown list of titles is presented. Alternatively, click add to create a custom list.

Require Role

If required, check to make entering the end users role mandatory.

Role List

Click Add to create a dropdown list of roles.