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Creating a Form

Creating a Form

To create a new form go to Administration -> Modules -> Form Builder. The following options will be presented: 

Forms modules options screenshot

Create a New Form

 1. Click Create a New Form. The following view will be presented:

Form Builder Create New Form Configuration Screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Form Name

Enter an appropriate name for the form. 

Legend Name

Enter an appropriate legend for the form. This is the name of the form as it appears on a page.

Limit Submissions

Check if required.

Submissions Limit

If required, enter an appropriate limit.

Submissions Limit Imposed From

If required, enter an appropriate start date.

Submissions Limit Recycle Period

The ‘Submission Period Recycle Period’ functionality will allow automatic reset of the imposed ‘Submission Limit’ defined by the number of days included within the configuration. Note that the ‘Clear’ option can also be used to clear this limit. The form will be unavailable in the front end of the site once the imposed limit is reached.

Submissions This Period

Easysite tracks the number of submissions. if required, click clear to reset the results to zero.

Prevent form submissions sending emails   

Check if required.

Use in Modules      

Check if required.

Allow Paging on Validation Errors          

If the form is paginated the default setting does not allow the user to proceed to the next page unless the mandatory fields on the current one are complete. This option allows the user to move on without completing the mandatory fields on the current page.

Form Type          

Select the appropriate option.

Note: further information on registration forms is available.      

Is Application Form       

Check if required.

3. Click Save Form. The following view will be presented:

Forms module create a new form edit form structure screenshot

4. Drag and drop elements to create the form layout. The following elements are available:                                     

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