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Number Field

Number Field

This element creates a question and allows the user to type the answer. A typical result of a Number Field on a web page is:

Form builder module account number screenshot

Number Field Form Element

1. Drag and drop the Text Box element into the appropriate location:

Form builder module number field icon screenshot

2. Configure the element and click Define Question. The following view will be displayed:

Forms module number field element configuration screenshot

Ž3. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate question

Default Value      

If required, enter a default answer or instruction.

Physical Width

Enter the width of the answer box in percentage of the screen.

Character Limit

Enter a maximum number of characters that can be entered.

Pad with zeros up to minimum width

Enter an appropriate value.

Answer On a New Line

Check if required.

Must Be Filled In

Check if required.

Min. Value

Enter an appropriate value.

Max. Value

Enter an appropriate value.

Summary Page Options

The summary page is a top level view of response which may be viewed by administrators. Select whether to include the data from this field in the summary page are a link or plain text. Alternatively the field may not be shown in this view.

Order Records By This Field

if required, check to allow the administrator to sort records by this field

Include in Keyword Search

If required, check to make the field searchable.

Provide as Search Option

If required, check to provide a dedicated search option for this field.

Show Key/Value Pair

If required, check to show both the field label and the data in the detail page.

4. Click Update Element.

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