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Form Browser

Form Browser

The From Browser element allows administrators to view and manage form responses via an Easysite page.

Page element

Drag and drop the Form Browser element onto the page or template:

Form browser element icon
1. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Form browser element configuration screenshot
2. Edit/configure:

Form Name 

Select the appropriate form. 

Export Enabled 

Once enabled two new buttons will be present on the associated page to allow Export Results as XML or Export Results as CSV.

Note: that if your site uses SSL security, the export buttons will NOT display unless the 'Export Requires'SSL' option is enabled. 

Export Requires SSL 

Check if required.

Note: that if your site does NOT use SSL security and 'Export Requires SSL' is enabled, the export buttons will NOT display until the 'Export Requires SLL' is disabled or an SSL security certificate is installed and applied against the associated page.

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