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Purging / Removing Uploaded Attachments

Purging / Removing Uploaded Attachments

Responses to forms may be accessed via Easysite manager

Purge Uploaded Attachments  

To purge uploaded attachments against existing form entries go to Easysite Manager -> Modules -> Forms.

1. Select the appropriate form. The following view will be presented:

Note: that the form in question MUST contain the File Upload element for the Purge Uploaded Attachments link to display.

Forms module manage forms screenshot

2. Select Purge Uploaded Attachments. The following view will be presented:

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Forms - Purge Uploaded Attachments

3. Enter a date within the Purge Uploaded Attachments Older Than field or alternatively select Show Calendar and pick the date.

4. Click the Purge Attachments button and a window will display to confirm the deletion. 

5. Click Confirm Delete and the interface will update to display further details regarding the attachments removed.

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Forms - Purge Uploaded Attachments - Purge
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