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Adding the Mailing List Module to a Page

Adding the Mailing List Module to a Page

Activating the Mailing List 

Before the mailing list element can be added to a page the mailing list must be activated. 

1.  To activate a mailing list go to Administration -> Modules -> Mailing Lists. The following view will be presented:

Mailing List Module List of Mailing Lists

2.  Check the Active column for the appropriate mailing list(s), and then click Save Selections.

Mailing List page Element

Drag and drop the Mailing List page elements on to the page or template:

Mailing List Module Icon

1. Configure element. The following view will be presented:

Mailing list module user guide mailing list selection screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Select Mailing List

Select the appropriate mailing list.

Category Selection

Checking a category will provide it as a subscription option for the user.

Note: Force subscription pre-ticks the category.

Introduction Text

The user needs to be logged onto to EasySite to update their subscription. Introduction text is displayed when non-logged in users visit the site. It can be used to direct users to the registration page.

Confirmation Text

When a user joins your mailing list, EasySite automatically presents them with a confirmatory message. Enter the message content here.

Unsubscribe Message Text

Create an appropriate message which is displayed when a user unsubscribes from a category.

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