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Send a Mailing List Mailshot

Send a Mailing List Mailshot

Send Mailshot

To send a mailshot click go to Administration -> Modules -> Mailing List

1. Select the appropriate Mailing List and click Send Mailshot. The following view will be presented:

Mailing List Module Send Mailshot Screenshot

2.  Edit/configure:

Name of Mailshot      

Enter an appropriate name for the mailshot

Email address             

Enter an originators email address.

Note: this could be a generic address.


Enter an originators name.

Mailshot Categories         

Select one or more categories form the list. The mailshot will be sent to each recipient associated with these categories.

Template to use              

From the drop-down list select the Bulk Email template to be used with this mailshot.

Send as HTML                

Check if required.


Enter a subject for the email.

Insert Image                  

Click to open the Asset Manager and select an image to be inserted into the body text.

Note: more than one image may be inserted.

Body Text                  

Enter the text or HTML of your mailshot. use tokens to personalise the content.

Note: it is possible to structure your mailshot by using a table. Click Create Table  

Mailing list module user guide create table icon screenshot

Note: Once the table has been created text can be entered into the cells. In addition, images can also be dragged and dropped into cells

Note: it is possible to preview your mailshot at any time by selecting the preview link.

3.  Once the content of the body text is complete click Send.  

To view previously sent mailshots go to Administration -> Modules -> Mailing List.

1 Select the appropriate Mailing List and click View Mailshots.

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