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Editing a Panel

Editing a Panel

Creating a Panel 

To create a panel, go to Navigation Menus -> Modules -> Custom Navigation. The following view will be presented:

Footer navigation manage customs navigation screenshot

1. Click on the name of the appropriate Navigation Menu. The following view will be presented:

Footer navigation manage custom navigation user guide example screenshot

2.Click Edit Panels.The following view will be created:

Custom navigation create new panel screenshot

3. Click Create Navigation Menu Panel. The following view will be presented:

Navigation menu edit panel screenshot

4. Edit/configure:

Panel Title

Enter an appropriate title for the panel.

Note: this is the name of the panel as it appears on the page.

Page Selections

Click the name of the page to be linked to in the panel. The children of this page will be listed in the dropdown menu.

Category Filter

If required, restrict the dropdown list of pages by limiting it to pages within a selected category.

Hide children

If required, check to only display the top level page in the panel and not show the dropdown list of child pages.

5 Click Save Panel Details.

Repeat as required to create additional panels, and then click Finished.

Editing a Panel

To edit a panel go to Administration-> Modules -> Navigation Menus.

1. Select the appropriate Custom Navigation, and click Edit Panels. Edit the appropriate panel as detailed above.

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